Imation (DVD±R/RW & BD-R/RE)

Imation also offered quite a range of DVD and Blu-ray products mostly of CMC Magnetics manufacture, although I didn’t purchase as many of these.

Imation 2x DVD-R

This is a comparatively early DVD-R product, using an odd-shaped jewel case that had thicker hinges but a similar size to the standard CD type. Because of its early nature, instead of specifying speeds, the packaging specified which standard the disc complied with. In this case, it is “for general version 2.0”. Later discs often came with warnings that firmware upgrades may be required to avoid damage to disc or drive. The MID is CMC MAG. AF1.

Imation 16x DVD-R

A more modern, spindle bulk supply of Imation DVD-Rs. This has CMC MAG. AM3 media code.

Imation Forcefield 16x DVD-R

I don’t have the disc for this one, but it’s similar in concept to TDK’s Durabis coating as an anti-scratch/anti-static/fingerprint resistant coated disc. This was sold in a pack of five, as written on the front inlay, and its Made in India claim suggests the disc was a Moser Baer product.

Imation 8x DVD+R

One of the reasons I bought this particular batch is that it’s clearly a RICOHJPN-R02-03 disc based on the laser etching. Even though it is in a full size jewel case, there is no rear insert.

Imation 2.4x DVD+RW

An older product based on the speed rating alone, it seems to have a lot more comparison to CD in the blurb text as it would have been in the “transitional” phase as people were beginning to contemplate DVD recording at home. This disc is also a Ricoh product, sporting a RICOHJPN-W01-01 media code.

Imation 6x BD-R

These were purchased on a small 10 pack spindle, with a metallic dark blue underside that’s poorly recognized by the scanner. The MID is CMCMAG-BA5-000.