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Mega Review: Fingbox Network Security and Troubleshooting Device

Earlier this year, I visited CeBIT where I stopped by the Fing stand and had a chat about their app and Fingbox device. The Fingbox was pitched as a network security and troubleshooting device which worked with the Fing app, … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: TP-Link Archer T2UHP AC600 High Power USB Adapter

I had looked at a relatively cheap dual-band 802.11ac dual-stream USB Wi-Fi adapter recently and it seemed that the pain of single-band Wi-Fi solutions may be soon coming to an end. Unfortunately, that adapter did have some design quirks and … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Unbranded AC1200 Dual-Band USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Adapter

In the short span of about two decades, Wi-Fi went from being a luxury that you would consider a limited alternative to a cabled Ethernet connection, useful for mobile devices only, to something resembling a near-replacement for the cabled Ethernet … Continue reading

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Review: Mixcder MS301 Bluetooth V4.2 Wireless Headset with aptX

Whenever I’m out and about, especially when commuting on public transport, I’m often listening to music or watching a video on my phone. Having a set of headphones over my head is my way of making the commute more bearable … Continue reading

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Canb2016: Part 3 – Exploring the CBRfree WiFi Network

To a geek, having an internet connection is everything. Seeing as my budget conscious hotel didn’t offer free Wi-Fi, I decided I would try my luck and see if I could fix that. They did offer Wi-Fi on a paid-for … Continue reading

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Wireless Card Whitelists: Failed Attempt at a HP Pavillion dm1-4108AU

After successfully bypassing the whitelist in my Probook 4525s with the help of Dragy, I felt that it was probably worth trying the same technique on my other whitelisted HP, a Pavillion dm1-4108AU. While other pre-patched BIOS for certain dm1s … Continue reading

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Wireless Card Whitelists: Breaking the HP Probook 4525s Whitelist

Around two years ago, I posted this article decrying the whole situation where several laptop manufacturers have imposed artificial restrictions in the BIOS firmware against replacement of wireless cards (and other hardware) with other physically compatible units from other sources, … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Belkin WeMo Switch (F7C027au)

All of this home automation stuff is admittedly a little addictive – being the curious type, I’ve always wanted to see how far these things can go. As a result, in addition to buying the Belkin WeMo globes at a … Continue reading

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Teardown: Vonets VAP11G Ethernet to 802.11g Wireless Bridge

What do you do when you have some device that only supports wired-Ethernet, but it’s going to be deployed in a place where it isn’t practical to install cabling? Well, the easy solution is to use Wi-Fi, through a device … Continue reading

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Project Adverpising: A Wi-Fi Beacon with Raspberry Pi

Privacy is a major issue, especially as we continue to gear-up and carry various wireless devices which emit signals which can be used to track our movements, be it just a smartphone with Wi-Fi turned on, probing for access points … Continue reading

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Teardown: element14 Wi-Pi USB Wireless 802.11n 150Mbit/s 2.4Ghz Dongle

The end of financial year almost always means discounts and sales, and this year was no different. My favourite shop, element14, had run some promotions in their Connect magazine, which included a further discount of 10% on the already-discounted prices … Continue reading

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Marketing Confusion: Wireless 802.11ac Data Rates Explained

For people who have looked at upgrading their network to 802.11ac, no doubt you have been perplexed by the wide range of physical layer rates advertised. Before, in the 802.11b and g era, all cards operated at just one rate … Continue reading

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Laptop Wireless Card Whitelists: An upgrade nightmare

What if I told you that an Intel 7260 dual-band dual-stream (marketing value 1200Mbit/s) 802.11ac mPCIe card with Bluetooth 4.0 costs just $26.50 including shipping and with just 5 to 15 minutes of your own work, you should be able … Continue reading

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Random: DWI RMA, Granville Upgrades, Uniwide Upgrades, Tech and the Elderly, etc.

It’s been a crazy busy week, so not much random to report this time around. DWI RMA One piece of good news arrived for me this morning – a replacement (new) Audio-Technica ANC9’s for my RMA. I’ve tested it, and … Continue reading

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First Look & Teardown: Western Digital MyNet N750 Wireless Router

It wasn’t long ago when I thought AU$21 for a single band, single stream wireless N router was an absolute bargain, but this is just unbelievable. What if I told you that there’s a dual band wireless N router with … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Unbranded Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver

Sometimes you would like to go wireless for audio but you still love your cabled stuff. Maybe it’s a pair of quality amplified speakers, or maybe it’s a set of cabled noise cancelling headphones. Whatever the reason is, you’re probably … Continue reading

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Review: Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Dongle

Bluetooth is a short-range personal area network technology which is used for transferring files, contact information, connecting hands free sets and stereo headsets to mobile phones, tablets and PCs wirelessly. While generally touted as easy to set up and get … Continue reading

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TP-Link TL-WR740N: Cheapest DD-WRT/OpenWRT Router Ever?

Sometimes, I catch myself buying things I don’t really need, but just seem interesting. Readers may look at this model of router and already ask – “What’s so interesting about a single-stream, single-band wireless N router that has no modem?” … Continue reading

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