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Beta Tested: Cooee Busways On Demand Public Transport Service

Updates at the end of the article – Busways has launched the Cooee Busways – The Ponds, Schofields and Kellyville Ridge site with further details. Residents in the Hills district have much to celebrate, as after many years of promises, … Continue reading

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WebSDRs: The Urban SWL’s Dream, a DXers’ Tool, & the End of DXpeditions?

Recently, I have been getting back into some shortwave listening and utility monitoring, but not quite in the conventional sense. I still have my own local conventional radio, SDR and loop antenna. But now, I also have the power of … Continue reading

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Opinion: Why Everybody Should Care About Net Neutrality

The internet is a magnificently complex, diverse and distributed network which has been the product of decades of research. This has, in a short space of half a century, become one of the dominant means of communication today. Owing to … Continue reading

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Netflix Uses My VHS Cassette Images Without Permission

Update: Matter fully resolved. Case closed! Updates at the end of article. Maybe you’re aware of Netflix, maybe you even have a subscription for their services. You might have also heard of or watched a series called Stranger Things, produced … Continue reading

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Opinion: Can You Beat Usain Bolt? Not So Fast!

The Rio 2016 Olympics will be a memorable event for a number of reasons, but as it draws to an end tonight (Sydney time), I thought it would probably be nice to have one Olympic-themed post. In an era of … Continue reading

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Random Post: Another Sydney Trains Meltdown, TfNSW E-mail Blunder, iOS8, Opal, etc.

It’s been another busy week, but there’s really not that much variety of things to report on. The mind is still clouded with many observations and rants, so lets get them off my chest. Another Sydney Trains Meltdown It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Random: Refurbished Asus Laptop, D-Link DDNS, AldiMobile Speeds, etc.

It’s been busy as always, to the point where last week, I didn’t even have the opportunity to put up a random post. As a result, this week, there’s quite a lot of “random” to talk about. Refurbished Asus Laptop … Continue reading

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FB Friends: Thanks for Participating in the Birthday Experiment!

Yesterday, I officially turned 25. Another complete year older – complete with the feeling of being mellow, feeling somewhat helpless and going about my day as usual. I woke up at 7am in the morning to build a veroboard interface … Continue reading

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Random: Happy CNY, DASH, Drive-by-Download Ads, Zoom H1 F/W Upgrade, etc

I’m not sure it’s that appropriate given the circumstances surrounding my extended family, but today is the eve of the lunar new year, so an early “Happy Chinese New Year” to all. Technically, it is more like “Happy Lunar New … Continue reading

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Bye Bye LogMeIn Free: No More Free Rides

It seems that the new year is not only a time for resolutions to get fit, but instead, for online service providers to re-evaluate their offerings. Numerous services have announced closures and alterations – this morning, it’s LogMeIn Free. LogMeIn … Continue reading

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Visualizing Recorded Cityrail Live Train Data on Google Earth

The other day, I showed just how different transport applications query for and receive their live train data. Of course, this data begged to be appropriated – so I set myself a little challenge to visualize it. The first thing … Continue reading

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Checking it out: Cityrail Real-Time Train Information

It seems like a miracle of our state government – in such a short space of time, public transport services are getting more convenient than ever and the data collection and access is seemingly no longer a problem. The modernization … Continue reading

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Tripview Bus Time Offset Visualization

So after the discoveries made in earlier posts, I decided to make a bit of an investigation into the data itself. I chose M50, towards UNSW as the candidate route for investigation. So I scripted wget for a 30-second poll … Continue reading

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Update on Tripview Live Bus Data

[Continuing on from my last post about Tripview bus data] So I woke up this morning and what did I find? Something had changed. Requesting data at URL’s encoded with http://realtime.grofsoft.com/tripview/delays?routes=SB_???_u always returned no tuples, even for a known active … Continue reading

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Youtube Rewind 2012 Australia – Easter Eggs!

A friend of mine referred me to this video last night: While watching it, on the last frame, I noticed this icon in the top right corner … … it’s an Easter Egg! Buried in the video above, there are … Continue reading

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Tripview and Sydney Buses Realtime Data

Once I saw that Tripview had Sydney Buses real-time data – I thought this would be fun to play with! One of my friends, Nonie, was quite interested in how the data was disseminated and collected, and I thought it … Continue reading

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