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Mega Mi Review: Mi Power Bank Pro, Mi Max, Mi Band 2 & Mi Scales

While I was in Hong Kong, I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit the “Mi Home” shop in Hollywood Center – basically Xiaomi’s version of an Apple Store, if I should be so bold as to put it that way. … Continue reading

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Review: Jawbone UP2 Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker (JL03)

When it comes to fitness trackers, aside from Fitbit, the next name that most comes to mind is Jawbone. Unfortunately for them, things have been a little rocky, with them taking Fitbit to court over hiring away their employees and … Continue reading

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Review: Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

It’s not often it happens, but there was another gift that headed past my table in the past months, and it was a Fitbit Zip. As I recently reviewed the Fitbit One, most of the comments about apps and setup … Continue reading

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Review: Fitbit One Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker

Whenever the topic of fitness tracker comes up, the Fitbit brand is always mentioned. In fact, it’s even becoming a bit of a generic name for a wearable fitness tracker – this is because they are the leader in the … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: DeePoon V3 Mobile Phone 3D/VR Viewer

While 3D TV hasn’t been as great a success as expected, it seems the world is bypassing 3D for virtual reality with lots of hype and enthusiasm surrounding VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. While these … Continue reading

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Review: Mi Band Pulse Fitness Tracker (XMSH02HM)

Up until now, I have been a regular user of my Xiaomi Mi Band fitness tracker that I reviewed back in 2015. It was simple, good value for money and performed consistently although the silicone band eventually wore out and … Continue reading

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Mega Review, Teardown: Oukitel A28 Smart Watch

At the present moment, Oukitel is one of the lesser known mobile phone brands from China. Symbolizing an “OK life for U and I”, the company has diversified its product range by launching their first wearable product – the Oukitel … Continue reading

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Review: MovNow W79 (aka Counterfeit Xiaomi Fitness Tracker)

So maybe you’ve got duped on eBay and got sent a counterfeit Xiaomi Fitness Tracker that turns out to be a MovNow W79, or you’re thinking of buying one with the full knowledge that you’ve somehow ended up paying for … Continue reading

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Review: Vidonn X6 SmartBand Fitness/Sleep Tracker

It seems the wearables market is gaining momentum, with increasing interest and publicity of fitness tracker and smartwatch style devices. Along with this, comes an influx of less well-known devices from smaller manufacturers, which often promise big features for a … Continue reading

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Review: Mi Band Fitness Monitor and Sleep Tracker (XMSH01HM)

Wearable technology is a currently a big growth market, captivating consumers with many options in the market ranging from highly advanced smartwatches which offload some tasks from your mobile phone, down to more single purpose fitness tracker accessories which aim … Continue reading

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