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Analysis: Optus Fetch Mighty DVR Hard Drive

Walking around the neighbourhood one day, I come across a pile of discarded technology. Another salvage opportunity. I’m so excited … and I just can’t hide it! In the pile of junk, I find an Optus Fetch Mighty DVR. It … Continue reading

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Telstra FaxStream TestFax Professional (aka FOLDS-B) Test

A while back, I did a number of experiments involving VoIP and faxing, which made use of Telstra’s FOLDS test. Because of a number of intricacies, voice-band data and VoIP generally do not (reliably) work together unless configured very carefully … Continue reading

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Weekend Probing Pt. 2: Keweisi KWS-V20 USB Tester IC Connections

What started off as a little exploration led me deeper to try and better understand what was going on with the Keweisi KWS-V20 USB Tester. Even though I don’t have any specialist bus sniffing gear, I decided to just wing … Continue reading

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Weekend Probing: Keweisi KWS-V20 USB Tester IC Connections

After doing a quick review and test of the Keweisi KWS-V20 USB tester, the whole issue of the unknown microcontroller IC, the EEPROM which holds the accumulated charge and the LCD display really bugged me. I thought of the possibility … Continue reading

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Modification: Manson HCS-3102 Power Supply Output On/Off Switch

Three years ago, I purchased a pair of Manson HCS-3102 programmable switch-mode power supplies. These were not particularly expensive supplies, and judging by some of the noises they made and the granularity of the programming and read-back, weren’t particularly high … Continue reading

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RoadTest Review: Keysight Technologies E36103A Power Supply

If you think all I have been doing is blogging about my holiday and LED lighting … the truth is that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes. I was fortunate enough to be selected by element14 for … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Anker PowerCore+ 10050 (A1310) QC2.0 Power Bank

When it comes to discussing power banks and USB charging in general, it’s hard to overlook Anker branded products. The company was started by a group of friends working at Google, and has since put out a multitude of USB … Continue reading

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Teardown, Repair & Test: AY/Generic UV EPROM Eraser

With many older computers and their peripherals, the firmware code is stored inside a ROM chip of some sort. These were unlike the later EEPROMs and Flash chips which could be electrically erased and reprogrammed. Instead, these chips were often … Continue reading

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Mega Review, Teardown: IKEA Sparsam CFL & Ledare LED Globes

Late last week, I made my once-in-a-year or so pilgrimage to IKEA, just in time for Mother’s Day. I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m at IKEA, and my mind runs wild with questions like … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Philips GreenPerform Highbay BY619P LED Luminaire

This week, I was very lucky to receive a rather large and heavy box. (No, It wasn’t pizza …) It was “unlovingly” left outside my front door by the postman. I wonder what it could be? It says Philips on … Continue reading

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