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Big-Random: Public Transport, UNSW Electrical Upgrades & Vending Machines

It’s been ages since I put out one of these random posts filled with random observations. That hasn’t stopped me collecting random observations, although the pace of collection had slowed down as I wasn’t sure if I would ever get … Continue reading

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Opal’s New Top-Up Machines and Single-Trip Tickets

Sydney’s long march to a paper-ticket-less transport network just got one step closer with the announcement on 23rd March 2016 that they are trialing new top-up machines with single-trip tickets. While this was always considered as the next step, it’s … Continue reading

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Random: Opal Card Stories, Tips & Central Station Upgrades

The Opal Card is an automatic fare collection system based around NXP MiFare DESFire EV1 NFC cards and readers supplied by Cubic Transportation Systems (based on readers on the Oyster card network). It has been in use since December 2012 … Continue reading

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Obituary: mX Newspaper (Sydney Printed Edition 4 July 2005 – 12 June 2015)

The mX was a free afternoon newspaper targeted at commuters, originating in Melbourne on 6th Feburary 2001 and spreading into Sydney on 4th July 2005 and Brisbane on 5th March 2007. Due to falling circulation, it put out its last … Continue reading

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The tarnished Opal continues to darken …

Suffice it to say, followers would have realized the difficulties I have had in getting satisfactory responses from Opal for anything less than a trivial enquiry. While the last post has seen update upon update, it’s probably time to start … Continue reading

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Visited: The South-West Rail Link (Liverpool to Leppington)

Having spent a decent chunk of my life on public transport, whenever anything happens, it immediately captures my interest. The rail network had suffered through many years of neglect, and has only been undergoing “slow” evolution – I’ve only really … Continue reading

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Nothin’ but a tarnished Opal: Problems continue …

My quest towards getting my Opal concession card working has been thwarted again. As of the last posting, I was assured by Opal Customer Care that my card had indeed been activated and was ready for travel – both over … Continue reading

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Oh No! Another Opal Card, but Opal Activation is Broken!

The Concession Opal card saga continues. In the last chapter, my card was blocked from use and a new card was to be dispatched to me, by express post. This card would have to be activated and the credit from … Continue reading

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Problem: Opal Top-Up Pending Collection – RIP, my Opal Card

It’s probably self-evident by now, as a regular user of public transport (and an observant one at that), that I’ve been looking forward to receiving and getting onto the Opal system. While concession holders, including tertiary students, were left to … Continue reading

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