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Radiofax: HLL2 Seoul, South Korea (Korean Meteorological Administration)

When it comes to radiofax, you might be wondering why I’ve left South Korea’s HLL2 station towards the end. The reason? It’s actually not an easy station to receive well. As many utility stations are established on a frequency and … Continue reading

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Radiofax: JMH/JMH2/JMH4 (Japan Meteorological Agency)

The radiofax station JMH, JMH2 and JMH4 is one of the nearby “powerhouses”, sending charts almost continually around the clock on three frequencies (3622.5kHz, 7795kHz and 13988.5kHz). It’s often heard in Australia, albeit I often receive it very “noisily” and … Continue reading

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Radio: JJC/9VF Kyodo HF Fax *MEGA* Gallery (Aug 2017 – Jan 2019)

When it comes to HF fax, sometimes also known as “weatherfax” due to its use in disseminating weather charts to mariners, the Japanese Kyodo News station JJC and its repeater 9VF are a living heritage. I’ve mentioned this before back … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Western Digital Raptor/Velociraptor Hard Drives

When it comes to computer memory, the tiers of storage always end in mass storage as being the system bottleneck. Hard drives, colloquially referred to as spinning rust, were the dominant technology for the vast majority of computers from the … Continue reading

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Review: Samsung 128Gb EVO Plus microSDXC Card (MB-MC128G)

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, there was ample reason to get myself a few more microSD cards. They’re just so ubiquitous nowadays, and prices are coming down. As a result, I scoured all of Golden Computer Centre looking … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh QC3.0 (PLM03ZM)

At the beginning of the year, I took at trip which included visiting Hong Kong where I managed to pick up a Mi Power Bank Pro and review it. At the end of the review, I expressed the futility of … Continue reading

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Teardown: Generic CX-FU02+ USB SoftV92 Data Fax HSF Modem

My tech shopping in Hong Kong continues with more goodies. One of the things I was on the lookout for was the last of the dial-up modem. Rather unsurprisingly, for such an advanced country, it’s almost impossible to find any … Continue reading

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Random: Tech Shopping in Hong Kong – A Treasure Hunt?

When many people go overseas, one of the things they most look forward to is to do some shopping. I’m generally not like that – I absolutely abhor shopping. But there is one exception – tech shopping. This year, I’ve … Continue reading

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An Incomplete Repair: BladeRF x40 Software-Defined Radio

My last trip to Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong kept me away from home for 80 days, in which time I thoroughly enjoyed doing things I couldn’t otherwise do from home. Despite arriving back home almost a month ago, it … Continue reading

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