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Random: North-West Metro, Swollen Redmi Note 4X, New Sharp Aquos S3 (FS8032) & more

It’s been another busy week – so busy in fact that I can’t see myself doing much in the way of blogging for the next month or two. Between working away on my research, RoadTest reviews and keeping everything running, … Continue reading

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Opinion: Drink Container Recycling – Who “Returns and Earns”?

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote an opinion about something that’s not entirely technology-related, so I guess it’s a good time to write something about drink container recycling, as that’s become something I do sporadically since the … Continue reading

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Project: The VOLMET Audio Gallery

Utility stations on HF are rather interesting to me and some readers may have seen my recent series on HF radiofax which is nearing its conclusion pending some more monitoring. But there are other types of utility stations out there, … Continue reading

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At Last: PennyTel accounts to be migrated to MyNetFone

Back in October 2013, it was reported that PennyTel was in financial trouble and was ultimately bailed out by MyNetFone with an uncertain future. Since then, despite some trepidation, it seems that PennyTel services continued reliably for existing customers, with … Continue reading

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Sounds of Fax Modes and ECM

Modem noises annoy many people – and many devices go to great lengths to mute the speaker after connections have been achieved. In fact, most fax machines mute the speaker as soon as the first HDLC 300bps Phase B data … Continue reading

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Telstra Fax On-Line Diagnostics (FOLDS) Test

Just yesterday, a friend (Robert) reminded me about the Telstra FOLDS (Fax On-Line Diagnostics) test and showed me some of his diagnostic reports. I had tried the FOLDS test a long time ago, but I didn’t get a reply despite … Continue reading

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