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Random: Crap Cables, USB Charger Repair, USB “Condom” & Win10 October Update

At last! Another random post … code-word for “frustrations of the past few weeks that don’t quite deserve their own posting”. This time, it’s crap cables (again), repairing a problematic USB charger, building my own USB “condom” and being subject … Continue reading

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Repair, Teardown: Edimax IC-1520DP Network Camera

A long time ago … maybe even eight years ago in 2009 … a computer shop I was shopping at had a network camera on sale for the low low price of AU$30 and I decided to buy it just … Continue reading

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Teardown: Airis Photostar N702D 3.2MP Digital Camera

People often donate old and unwanted gear to me, in the hopes that I have some use for it, or I can have some use for it – whether that means taking it apart, or writing a blog about it. … Continue reading

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