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Teardown, Repair: Varta Power Play (Ready2Use) 15 Minute Charger (Type 57275)

There was once a time when most portable electronic devices used AA or AAA batteries. Many users would opt to use Carbon Zinc or Alkaline disposable cells with these products, which proved to be costly financially and environmentally. An alternative … Continue reading

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Follow-up: USB Power Bank Tested and Repacked (5000mAh, 30000mAh)

I did some quick teardowns of the 5000mAh and 30000mAh power banks previously, and I found that the 5000mAh power bank seemed to be genuine, but the 30000mAh power bank is a bit unknown. One reader reported disappointing performance from … Continue reading

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Dealing with Bad USB Keys

My mother recently returned home from her trip to Hong Kong with a pair of ‘novelty’ “”16Gb”” USB keys as a present. They cost about AU$12 each, which is in the ballpark of what a reputable USB memory stick would … Continue reading

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Upgrading an Icom IC-R75 with the CR-282 High Stability OCXO Unit

Prelude I’ve been a happy IC-R75 owner for a long while. It was a very affordable (sub $1000) HF communications receiver with coverage from LF to 60Mhz, with good sensitivity and FM “out of the box”. It had a two-level … Continue reading

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LCD Monitor Service/Factory Menus

I’m not sure many people know, but the chips inside LCD monitors are actually fairly smart. For one thing, they generate the on-screen overlay displays which you set your settings with, and they do scaling of different resolutions to your … Continue reading

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Refurbishing unwanted laptops

Well, just today, a good friend of mine gave me an “unwanted” laptop that had served its time. In fact, it was this one – a Dell Inspiron 640m, based on the initial Centrino Duo platform (Intel T2300E 1.66Ghz dual … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: A 486 that wasn’t quite a 486

Been a bit busy lately, so didn’t have a chance to post any more nifty things for a bit. Hopefully I can make some time to show a few more interesting things. For this post, a follow on from my … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: A discarded BEAST of a 486

On my last post about MS-DOS 5.0, 6.22 and Windows 3.11 Install Disks, my good friend Irfan asked: What machine are you using to run these? You still have working 5.25″ floppy disk drives?? Wow… Good question, and that will … Continue reading

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Operation Bake Raspberry Pi

Originally having given up on my Raspberry Pi from RS, a very helpful post from Dilligaf at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Forums gave me this advice: If you’ve given up on the warranty you could always try baking it in … Continue reading

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We’ve got a Pi down … I repeat, a Pi down …

[This website served by the Raspberry Pi, purchased from element14. Stock is out at the moment 🙁 It would have been served by the Raspberry Pi from RS – if not for the problem …] Okay, so it’s been a … Continue reading

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