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Reverse Eng Pt 2: Watts Clever Easy-Off w/SMART Box (ES-AUS1103)

Continuing on from my last post about the Watts Clever Easy-Off Sockets with Smart Box, there were a few things still bugging me in the back of my head. After all, they do advertise that their other system has >1 … Continue reading

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Reverse Eng: Watts Clever Easy-Off Sockets w/SMART Box (ES-AUS1103)

Internet-of-things and home automation seem to be the cool thing nowadays, and remote controlling things is something many have been dabbling with, sometimes rather unsafely. Imagine my surprise when I walk into a Jaycar, and see a kit of IR-and-RF … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Belkin WeMo Switch (F7C027au)

All of this home automation stuff is admittedly a little addictive – being the curious type, I’ve always wanted to see how far these things can go. As a result, in addition to buying the Belkin WeMo globes at a … Continue reading

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Working with the IC-R75 and IC-R20 – Handy Radio Software

One of the perks of owning an IC-R75 “conventional” HF and IC-R20 handheld wide-band communications receivers is the ability for computer control. By connecting the RS-232 serial port on the rear of the IC-R75 to the computer, or the headphone/CI-V … Continue reading

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