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Quick Teardown, Pairing: J.Burrows Wireless 2.4Ghz USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Earlier today, my Dad requested some assistance with his J.Burrows Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo that was purchased from Officeworks. It was a rather low-cost set, not one I would have chosen myself, but after the batteries in the keyboard … Continue reading

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Recovery: “Musical” SyQuest Cartridges with DoubleSpace Compression

I’ve long offered my “volunteer” data recovery services for those with 44/88/200Mb 5.25″ SyQuest disks, and it’s been a little while since my last SyQuest recovery post. Just when I thought that maybe nobody else would be interested in it, … Continue reading

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Fix: Soft-subtitles cause video to stutter in MPC-HC

Soft-subtitles are a wonderful invention. Basically they’re just a set of scripts with the subtitle text, some timing information, and in some formats, some formatting and animation options. It’s up to your computer to render this and overlay it over … Continue reading

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Lycamobile Data: A Routing Issue or Malicious Blocking?

It hasn’t quite been a year since I joined the Lycamobile family in the quest for cheap data over the superior Telstra network. While initially their “slowness” took on an almost legendary status, they took some strides to improve their … Continue reading

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Further Investigation: Power Bank Endurance Issues and Modification

Through many tests of power banks, there seems to be many metrics by which they can be judged and their performance determined. While I have focused on capacity as the first metric, and determined some power banks to be outright … Continue reading

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