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Mega Review: Fingbox Network Security and Troubleshooting Device

Earlier this year, I visited CeBIT where I stopped by the Fing stand and had a chat about their app and Fingbox device. The Fingbox was pitched as a network security and troubleshooting device which worked with the Fing app, … Continue reading

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Project: Arduino Grid Mouse Clicker (and other Pokemon Go-related fun)

I started my Pokemon Go journey as a “law abiding citizen”. That was, until, someone I knew decided to tell me about this magical thing which could tell me exactly what Pokemon would spawn in front of me at any … Continue reading

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Opinion: Can You Beat Usain Bolt? Not So Fast!

The Rio 2016 Olympics will be a memorable event for a number of reasons, but as it draws to an end tonight (Sydney time), I thought it would probably be nice to have one Olympic-themed post. In an era of … Continue reading

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Pingdom Free Accounts: Changes to provide best services to paid users

Readers to my website who have stuck around for a while have probably understood that keeping this site online has not always been an easy task with downtime being a frequent consequence of the shared hosting provider especially in the … Continue reading

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Dyn says Goodbye to DynDNS Free Users

It’s relatively old news to talk about DynDNS no longer offering free accounts – that was in 2011. Since then, they have maintained those who actively refreshed their dynamic DNS accounts and lately, they have required you to confirm your … Continue reading

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Mega Rand: Inspiration, Fails, CeBIT, Unwanted S/W, iOS Safari Image Resizing etc.

Welcome to another “random” post – a collation of bits and pieces of random thought which don’t quite deserve their own posting. Last week, I didn’t get around to making one, so this week’s another “bumper” crop of randomness. Inspiration … Continue reading

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Further Cityrail Live Data Analysis

After my previous efforts to visualize the train data I had recorded over a day, I said I wasn’t going to spend time to analyze it further – but why not? I already have most of the parsing C figured … Continue reading

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VoIP, Internet and Routes …

VoIP or Voice over IP is quite the nifty feature. Nowadays, VoIP is reaching widespread consumer awareness, being utilized in Skype and many SIP based Softphones. Many Voice Service Providers (VSPs) are offering great deals on call rates, and all … Continue reading

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