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Repair: Click Surge-Protected & Sansai Switched 4-Outlet Powerboards

Powerboards are very simple and inexpensive devices used to convert one socket into multiple sockets on a (supposedly) temporary basis. Every house has a number of these devices, with basic devices simply bussing together the pins and more complex devices … Continue reading

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Review: Raspberry Pi 3 – More Pi, No Cables Attached?

It’s been a while since I checked out the Raspberry Pi, as my fleet of original Raspberry Pi Model B, B+ and Pi 2 Model B’s have all been working well doing their little jobs around the house. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Hack: Customize the LED Shake-Stick Images

As I managed to construct the LED shake-stick kit just yesterday evening, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with its operation. For one, the images weren’t particularly inspiring. I mentioned that it should be possible to replace the images in the ROM … Continue reading

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Modification: Manson HCS-3102 Power Supply Output On/Off Switch

Three years ago, I purchased a pair of Manson HCS-3102 programmable switch-mode power supplies. These were not particularly expensive supplies, and judging by some of the noises they made and the granularity of the programming and read-back, weren’t particularly high … Continue reading

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Project: Make a Netcomm RoadsterII USB Modem work in Windows 7 x64

Over the weekend, I had some hankering to get some voice-band dial-up modem action happening just for curiosity sake. I stumbled across my pair of old-reliable Netcomm Roadster II USB V.90 56k modems which seemed like good candidates for an … Continue reading

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Modified: USB Charger Doctor as USB Current Shunt

A while back, I had purchased and completely tore down some USB Charger Doctors. While they didn’t seem very modifiable at the time, I came across a need which could easily be fulfilled should I choose to modify one of … Continue reading

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Modification: Ausdom M06 Headset to Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Having recently just reviewed the Ausdom M06, I decided it didn’t quite fit my needs as a headphone, but it had a perfectly adequate and capable Bluetooth chipset. As a result, I decided to embark on a short journey to … Continue reading

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Teardown, Modification: Sony AN-LP1 Active Loop Antenna

When an engineer isn’t happy with something, they often try to “fix” it. Sometimes this ends up in hilarious failure where the said object becomes more broken than when they started. Sometimes it ends up in success, but most of … Continue reading

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Upgrading an Icom IC-R75 with the CR-282 High Stability OCXO Unit

Prelude I’ve been a happy IC-R75 owner for a long while. It was a very affordable (sub $1000) HF communications receiver with coverage from LF to 60Mhz, with good sensitivity and FM “out of the box”. It had a two-level … Continue reading

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