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Project: “Generic” CD4060 SMD Musical LED Fancy Lantern Kit

I have a drawer full of cheap kits and I’m on a mission to empty it! This time, I’m looking at a “generic” CD4060 SMD “musical” LED fancy lantern kit which was purchased for AU$2.89 including postage. What’s so fancy … Continue reading

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Failed Repair: Samsung U28D590D 27″ UHD 4K LCD Monitor

It’s amazing how busy I’ve been lately, to the point that things are just piling up without a chance to get posted. Luckily, it’s now Easter break and I have a little time I can spend catching up. On Thursday, … Continue reading

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Farewell: TBS TBS6925 Professional PCIe Satellite Tuner Card

As a hobbyist with an interest in chasing satellite feeds, my TBS TBS6925 Professional Satellite Tuner Card was my dependable companion. Around AU$250 a piece, I purchased two back in 2011 and two years later, got around to reviewing it. … Continue reading

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Project, Reverse Eng, Repair: ATmega328-based “Transistor Tester” Kit

A common complaint and reason for the falling popularity of electronic kits is that none of them really let you build something that’s really useful that you couldn’t buy pre-built at a lower cost. I believe this complaint does have … Continue reading

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“Sigh-Quests”: More forgotten cartridges arrive, but fail to turn up data

A while ago, I was in contact with a reader about their long-forgotten set of Syquest cartridges and their Syquest drive. As it turns out, it was a set of 88Mb cartridges with matching drive, connected to a computer of … Continue reading

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Teardown: Good Looking Counterfeit Nikon EN-EL14a Battery

Despite having thought that I kissed my money goodbye, I still went back to eBay to lodge a case. Within 24 hours, without any word, I received a refund and the case was considered closed. As I did receive a … Continue reading

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Fails: eBay Laptop Battery Seller & Fastway Couriers

Two weeks ago, when still reviewing the Tektronix RSA306, I discovered that when using the Lenovo E431 with the RSA306, the run time would be limited to roughly two hours and that wasn’t enough to make sure I could squeeze … Continue reading

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Teardown: A Dying “X-Glow”-branded Cree XLamp Torch

A few years ago, while shopping around at a local Jaycar, I got a bit distracted and did something bad. I made an impulse buy. I saw a nice LED torch sitting on the shelf, on special, with a very … Continue reading

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Mega Rand: Inspiration, Fails, CeBIT, Unwanted S/W, iOS Safari Image Resizing etc.

Welcome to another “random” post – a collation of bits and pieces of random thought which don’t quite deserve their own posting. Last week, I didn’t get around to making one, so this week’s another “bumper” crop of randomness. Inspiration … Continue reading

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