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Failed, Teardown: Cowin E7 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

It looks like I haven’t been entirely fortunate with Cowin products. After the HE5A failed, I reverted to using the E7 Pro for my day-to-day commuting needs. Just this week, the E7 Pro failed as well, which doesn’t do much … Continue reading

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Teardown: A Sick Cooler Master SickleFlow X 120mm Green LED Fan

It hasn’t even been a year since I built my new workstation and already, something seems to be amiss. Lately, it seems I haven’t been sleeping so well, because there seems to be an angry beast in my room. “Grrrrrrrrrr … Continue reading

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Failed Repair: Samsung U28D590D 27″ UHD 4K LCD Monitor

It’s amazing how busy I’ve been lately, to the point that things are just piling up without a chance to get posted. Luckily, it’s now Easter break and I have a little time I can spend catching up. On Thursday, … Continue reading

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Moments to Disaster: Hard Drive Failure & SMART Data

While I was away on holiday, blissfully enjoying my time outdoors, I wasn’t aware that a disaster was brewing at home. I got a message from my brother that his machine had started making a clicking noise, and it was … Continue reading

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Review: Sandisk Ultra UHS-I 128Gb microSDXC Card (Up to 80MB/s)

At the beginning of this year, I posted about a relatively new (less than a year old) Sandisk Ultra UHS-I/Class 10 microSDXC card of the 80MB/s variety which had a data loss issue. Rather unfortunately for me, I had some … Continue reading

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Tested: “Compatible” Nikon EN-EL14 Batteries vs Genuine

Amongst the published articles on the site, it seems there is a fair amount of interest in the ones dealing with “compatible” and “fake” camera accessories, specifically Nikon EN-EL14 and EN-EL14a batteries. Having just recently returned from my first extended … Continue reading

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Repair: Cooler Master Xcraft 3.5″ External HDD Enclosure PSU (SKA-0512-20B)

When I get a little time, I like to go through the “donation” pile and do some testing. As it turns out, I was gifted a set of four Cooler Master Xcraft External Hard Drive Enclosures along with matching power … Continue reading

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Failing: Sandisk Ultra microSDXC 128Gb (Class 10, UHS-I, Up to 80MB/s)

The new year just keeps getting better. Sure, the battery in the phone is failing, but the microSDXC card as well?! The Culprit The culprit was a Sandisk Ultra microSDXC card of 128Gb capacity, Class 10, UHS-I rated up to … Continue reading

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DIY: Wallplate Switch Mechanism Replacement & Teardown

The DIY category of posts was meant for me to post about the random odd-jobs around the house that might need to be done from time to time. As it turns out, there often aren’t that many jobs – sometimes … Continue reading

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Project, Reverse Eng, Repair: ATmega328-based “Transistor Tester” Kit

A common complaint and reason for the falling popularity of electronic kits is that none of them really let you build something that’s really useful that you couldn’t buy pre-built at a lower cost. I believe this complaint does have … Continue reading

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Salvage: HP Compaq LA2206x Monitor PSU, Scaler & USB Ports

It looks like today is going to be a blog-heavy day – I’ve got quite a few things to “get off my chest”, so forgive me if posts start crossing over one-another in the future. Time and motivation for these … Continue reading

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Post-Mortem: Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter (A1344)

Unlike most of my other posts which are relatively straightforward, this post has a little story behind it. In March, Matson of Chicago, Illinois, USA contacted me about his “dead” Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter and wondered if I’d be … Continue reading

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Wireless Card Whitelists: Failed Attempt at a HP Pavillion dm1-4108AU

After successfully bypassing the whitelist in my Probook 4525s with the help of Dragy, I felt that it was probably worth trying the same technique on my other whitelisted HP, a Pavillion dm1-4108AU. While other pre-patched BIOS for certain dm1s … Continue reading

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Teardown: Failed Philips Genie 14W & Tornado 20W E27 CFLs

Another long weekend, so a good excuse to add some more posts. This post has a double serving of failed Philips CFLs – a Genie 14W and an old style Tornado 20W. These CFLs were used by the strata for … Continue reading

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Teardown: A failed SUNeCON S-SP/38 38W CFL Globe

SUNeCON is not a brand that’s often heard around here, and for good reason. This particular CFL is a very special globe – at least to me anyway. I was walking through a “$10” shop in Hong Kong back in … Continue reading

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Failed: Click LTMR5W3K 5W LED MR16-Replacement Globe

Throughout LED lighting’s journey towards mainstream adoption, several generations of end-user retrofit globes have been produced by many companies in a wide variety of configurations for simple “plug and play” upgrades. Unfortunately, these globes were not always of the quality … Continue reading

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Failed: Cheap and Nasty SMA Right-Angle Adapter (& Site Update)

If you’re a bit of a radio equipment user like myself, you’ll find that you’ve always got an amazing array of different connector needs. For example, you might have some older TV tuners with a “PAL” connector, some satellite equipment … Continue reading

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Experiment: Telstra Free Data Day Redux (3 April 2016)

It seems like Telstra hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to network problems. I like to joke about it as The Network without Equal (outages) at least, this past few months. They had further issues with voice … Continue reading

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Fail, Teardown: LG G Pro Lite Dual (D686) BL-48TH Battery Swelling

Aside: Given that I’ve got a PhD thesis to hand in on Thursday this week, what the hell am I doing posting blogs? Well, as it turns out, in-between putting-out fires, I need to recharge and it seems that posting … Continue reading

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Event-Fail: Geminid Meteor Shower (14th December 2015)

Not being a keen astronomer myself, I’m not clued into events that happen in the sky most of the time. Just by chance, this week, while eating dinner, I watched a news story on TV which tipped me off about … Continue reading

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Teardown Fail: Philips 13w E27 LED Globe

A good 20-months ago, I settled on a Philips 13w E27 LED globe for my room. At the time, it seemed like a solid buy, given that I had no RF problems and it was as bright as expected with … Continue reading

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