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RoadTest: IDT SDAWIR03 Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity & Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit

It’s been relatively quiet recently on the blog as I’ve been absolutely inundated with things to do, both from work and my own hobby interests. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a rare opportunity to run three parallel … Continue reading

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Project: Arduino Grid Mouse Clicker (and other Pokemon Go-related fun)

I started my Pokemon Go journey as a “law abiding citizen”. That was, until, someone I knew decided to tell me about this magical thing which could tell me exactly what Pokemon would spawn in front of me at any … Continue reading

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Review: OSRAM LIGHTIFY Smart Connected Lighting System

As we rapidly move towards an IP-connected society, with buzzwords such as “internet-of-things” and “sensor networks”, suddenly the concept of home automation has become cool again. No, we’re not talking about the old fashioned expensive, temperamental, slow and clunky power-line … Continue reading

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Getting Started: Freescale Xtrinisic Sense Board on RPi & KL-25Z

Whenever I think of playing with microcontrollers, I think of blending the line between hardware and software. Low cost embedded systems prototyping development platforms have made tinkering very affordable, and with the wide variety of libraries, even easy. If you … Continue reading

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