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Field-Day Mysteries: Hexin 2108E Serial Device Server, CPU86 ROMs & Conner CP-3040 SCSI HDD

My recent trip to the CCARC Field Day at Wyong resulted in the purchase of a stack of random bits and pieces. The fun is, as expected, sorting through the stuff in detail, learning about it in the process and … Continue reading

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Salvage Season: Pt 6 – Old I/O Boards & Fluorescent Starters

It’s new year’s eve, and I’m back with the last part of the salvage season posts. Just as well, since salvage season is coming to an end as the year is coming to an end. This post looks at some … Continue reading

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Salvage: HP Compaq LA2206x Monitor PSU, Scaler & USB Ports

It looks like today is going to be a blog-heavy day – I’ve got quite a few things to “get off my chest”, so forgive me if posts start crossing over one-another in the future. Time and motivation for these … Continue reading

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Project: Examining VGA BIOS from Old Graphic Cards

I suppose they say, once you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Indeed they are right, because now I have a ROM programmer, I couldn’t stop pulling teeth chips just to dump them. Aside from motherboard BIOS chips, … Continue reading

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