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Can’t Copy that Floppy? KryoFlux Can! feat. Unistat V4.53

It’s not often that we see floppy disks around nowadays, but this week proved to be an exception with a donation of a paper envelope of disks, but not just any disks. The Troublemaker: Unistat V4.53 In this case, it … Continue reading

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Fails: eBay Laptop Battery Seller & Fastway Couriers

Two weeks ago, when still reviewing the Tektronix RSA306, I discovered that when using the Lenovo E431 with the RSA306, the run time would be limited to roughly two hours and that wasn’t enough to make sure I could squeeze … Continue reading

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QSL Card: All India Radio

Hello guys – yes I’m still here. I’ve been so busy with my studies that I haven’t had much time to blog, despite there being an endless number of topics to blog about – some of them rather exciting. But … Continue reading

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QSL Card: Radio Romania International

I must be on a roll here – today, I had a nice big smile as I opened my letterbox and saw an envelope from Radio Romania International. It’s another QSL card! It’s so lovely to see it adorned with … Continue reading

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DRM DXing Session: More fun than AM broadcast DXing!

I’ve made a passing mention about DRM in my first post about DRM DXing when I received The Disco Palace from home early in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. But I guess I really should delve into DRM a … Continue reading

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DRM Radio: The Disco Palace

So, one night, I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up scanning the airwaves with my Winradio Excalibur G31DDC and my Wellbrook Communications ALA-1530 loop antenna. I stumbled across a strong DRM radio transmission (i.e. digital shortwave). Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) … Continue reading

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