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Repair: Mezzo ESM-008 Sewing Machine Power Jack Assembly

Sometimes, the best thing in life is not knowing what might happen next. After I repaired a washing machine using some rather funny trickery, this week, it was the sewing machine that needed attention. The particular sewing machine was a … Continue reading

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DIY: Wallplate Switch Mechanism Replacement & Teardown

The DIY category of posts was meant for me to post about the random odd-jobs around the house that might need to be done from time to time. As it turns out, there often aren’t that many jobs – sometimes … Continue reading

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Project: Paeansonic CF210SP CD9088+CD7642 AM/FM Radio Kit

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately – I’m just swamped with work, and it never quite goes away, but neither does the desire to do something for my own enrichment and enjoyment … and the desire to blog … Continue reading

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DIY: Build a 70cm Band Yagi for Amateur Satellite Tracking

It’s been a long time since I’ve chased any amateur satellites. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to chase them, and sadly, things have changed. In the seven years or so, satellites I once “knew” as … Continue reading

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Repair: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Noise-Cancelling Headphone Ear Cushions

For someone who travels a lot on public transport, having a good set of noise cancelling headphones is indispensable for making the trip a lot more enjoyable and stress free. By shutting out the external noise with passive cancellation, and … Continue reading

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DIY: Adapting Out of Tricky Light-Bulb Situations

Being the resident electronically minded person in the house, I normally take charge of all the lighting in the house as well. Unfortunately, in the house we’re living in at the moment, some really oddball builder has decided to use … Continue reading

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DIY: Vertical Blind Hanger Repair

Rats! Don’t you just hate it when the hangers that hold your vertical blind strips suddenly fail, leaving you with a gaping hole in your blinds?! I certainly do. The plastic that the hangers are made of don’t seem particularly … Continue reading

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Project: Caroma Slimline Dual-Flush Cistern Inlet Valve Replacement

The venerable flushing toilet. A miracle of engineering, a marvel that revolutionized sanitation and improved health of most living in developed areas. Yet, it is one of the things we least think about, that is, until it breaks. In a … Continue reading

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Keeping Old Machines Going – Adapt-ing to the times …

For retro-enthusiasts and hobbyists like myself, it can be difficult at times to keep old computers going. As the old AT form factor met its demise about a decade ago, parts for these machines can be hard to come by, … Continue reading

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No computer case? No worries!

A couple of times, I have had old computer parts turn up at my house, and nothing to build it in. Sure, you can leave it lying over a bench (and I’ve done that countless times), but when bench space … Continue reading

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Refurbishing unwanted laptops

Well, just today, a good friend of mine gave me an “unwanted” laptop that had served its time. In fact, it was this one – a Dell Inspiron 640m, based on the initial Centrino Duo platform (Intel T2300E 1.66Ghz dual … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Kaypro Keyboard – It’s still alive!

After writing my last post about my efforts to bring the Kaypro (donated to me) back to life – one thing still nagged me. Why was the keyboard dead? Was it really dead? It didn’t look dead … Seeing that … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Reviving the Kaypro 4

Just yesterday, the RJ10 phone cables arrived. I unpacked them, and they laid on the desk, staring at me. I decided to take the plunge – I decided to start the Kaypro 4. (For Physical details, see my last post … Continue reading

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Operation Bake Raspberry Pi

Originally having given up on my Raspberry Pi from RS, a very helpful post from Dilligaf at the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Forums gave me this advice: If you’ve given up on the warranty you could always try baking it in … Continue reading

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