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Failed: Okuma CNC Lathe Control IPL 3.5″ Floppy Data Recovery

In mid-January this year, a reader contacted me regarding their set of control floppies for an Okuma CNC lathe. Owing to the age of the equipment, the control program is loaded into volatile SRAM, backed-up by a battery. Every five … Continue reading

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Data Recovery: Kingmax Pro 32Gb microSDHC – A Sign of TLC Weakness?

If you think I’m not having much luck with microSD cards lately, you’d be right. The first issue for the year was the Sandisk 128Gb microSDXC card having some unreadable sectors causing the loss of some files. Now, I’ve had … Continue reading

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Recovery: “Musical” SyQuest Cartridges with DoubleSpace Compression

I’ve long offered my “volunteer” data recovery services for those with 44/88/200Mb 5.25″ SyQuest disks, and it’s been a little while since my last SyQuest recovery post. Just when I thought that maybe nobody else would be interested in it, … Continue reading

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Experiment: WD Green Data Recovery – Recovered Data vs Time?

Two weeks ago, a “friend” of mine turned up with an external hard drive which was declared dead and wanted to see what could be done about recovering the data from it. Naturally, as no novice when it comes to … Continue reading

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Data Recovery & File Conversions: Director/Projectors by Internet & Jaz

Earlier in July, I made a posting in regards to a data recovery and conversion project involving Syquest cartridges and Macromind/Macromedia Director and Projector files. As it turns out, that was the beginning of an even more involved project with … Continue reading

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SyQuest-ered: Two 44Mb Cartridges Stacked with Directors & Projectors

It seems data recovery and conversion has become a little side-hobby of mine, and the lack of recent postings is because I’ve been quite busy working my magic on another set of patients. I was contacted by Prof. Dan Boyarski … Continue reading

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Melb2016: A Super-Special SyQuest Side Quest (Part 12)

At last, the promised final special part of my Melbourne trip has arrived. The difference is that this part didn’t really have anything to do with my trip to Melbourne at the beginning, and started long before I even had … Continue reading

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Project: Recovery from Logically Damaged Comsol 8GB USB Key

Late last month, I was contacted by a fellow reader of the blog with a sob story about his Comsol 8GB USB flash drive. Unfortunately, his one had failed in a way rendering the data inaccessible. He also claimed to … Continue reading

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“Sigh-Quests”: More forgotten cartridges arrive, but fail to turn up data

A while ago, I was in contact with a reader about their long-forgotten set of Syquest cartridges and their Syquest drive. As it turns out, it was a set of 88Mb cartridges with matching drive, connected to a computer of … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: ZIP250 Disk & Drive, ZIP100 USB Drive & Coloured Disk

Here’s another one for those nostalgic people who just can’t get enough of the Iomega ZIP. This site’s seen quite a few postings on the ZIP drive and disks, but because of its influence, I still to this day handle … Continue reading

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