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Project: Scanning the Orion DMR Network (Kurrajong Heights Base)

I was sitting in my room the other day and something seemed off. It was quiet. Too quiet. But why? As it turns out, I used to have a scanner radio active in idle times to listen to what was … Continue reading

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Analysis: Mains Power Quality – Voltage, Frequency & Crest Factor (10-19 May 2018)

A little more than two weeks ago, I was sitting at home in front of my computer going about my business as usual, when suddenly … the lights flicker, everything around me made an intermittent 50Hz buzz like morse code … Continue reading

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Analysis: Freeview Sydney (18 April 2017) after SBS moves to HD MPEG-4

While I was on holidays, the DVB-T digital TV stations at home were undergoing the last of a series of long-anticipated changes. On 8th April 2017, SBS followed the lead of the other broadcasters and finally converted over to MPEG-4 … Continue reading

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Analysis: Freeview Sydney Post-Launch of ABC HD (6-7th Dec 2016)

Yesterday marked the launch of ABC HD, which finally means that Sydney Freeview gets each broadcasters’ main stations in high definition at long last. (EDIT: Actually, not quite true, as 7HD Sydney is still a simulcast of 7mate.) According to … Continue reading

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Canb2016: Part 1 – The Journey and the Room

Just recently, I had the opportunity to present my work at the Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference 2016, which was being held at ANU in Canberra. As a result of this, I had a good reason to make a trip down … Continue reading

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Project: Arduino Grid Mouse Clicker (and other Pokemon Go-related fun)

I started my Pokemon Go journey as a “law abiding citizen”. That was, until, someone I knew decided to tell me about this magical thing which could tell me exactly what Pokemon would spawn in front of me at any … Continue reading

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Melbourne Cup Day: A Grid Frequency Analysis

Another year, and another “race that stops the nation.” While I’m not of the betting sort, and I didn’t really get into it as such, it’s almost a tradition that no matter where you are, at 3pm on the first … Continue reading

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Project: Extracting & Geographically Plotting DTRS Site Information

As a radio enthusiast, and highly observant public transport user, I’ve made many notes about the deployment of the new Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) sites. This new system is based upon GSM-R in the 1800Mhz band, and is intended … Continue reading

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Recordable Blu-Ray Disc Longevity – Periodic Survey Part 3

Introduction I suppose it’s pretty clear that optical discs are no longer the favoured medium of choice for many applications now, however, there still remains a sizable community that use Blu-Ray recordable discs as a form of storage. This may … Continue reading

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Analysis: Foxtel Satellite DVB-S/DVB-S2 Services

Some readers may be familiar with my recent look at freeview, but for those who aren’t, I was basically interested in finding out how much data is in the air for digital TV, and how much data is dedicated for … Continue reading

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Analysis: DVB-T Freeview in Sydney, NSW, Australia

It’s probably been clear from my “new year’s” piece that I’m not too much a fan of the free-to-air TV in Sydney (or Australia) at the moment. Ultimately, it delivers quantity but not quality. As I noticed the recent “launching” … Continue reading

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Further Cityrail Live Data Analysis

After my previous efforts to visualize the train data I had recorded over a day, I said I wasn’t going to spend time to analyze it further – but why not? I already have most of the parsing C figured … Continue reading

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Visualizing Recorded Cityrail Live Train Data on Google Earth

The other day, I showed just how different transport applications query for and receive their live train data. Of course, this data begged to be appropriated – so I set myself a little challenge to visualize it. The first thing … Continue reading

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Blu-Ray Scanning Across Drives, testing PRODIS-CR0 BD-R blanks

One thing I often ask myself, and see asked, is the repeatability and accuracy of quality scans made on consumer drives. I think it has been concluded that the accuracy and repeatability can be quite limited depending on the disc … Continue reading

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Browser Comparison on the “new iPad” (3rd Generation)

After some discoveries in comparing different browsers on the original iPad, I decided to do some comparisons on the “new iPad” (3rd Generation). This has a more beefy A5X dual core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with a more respectable 1Gb of … Continue reading

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Comparing Browsers on an original iPad

The original iPad was released in 2010 – not that long ago, but has already been superseded many times, in fact, we’re now up to the 4th generation iPad (full size) now. Sure, the iPad was released with an A4 … Continue reading

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A closer look at DGPS data

After the discovery that I could indeed receive and decode DGPS correction data using Spectrum Lab and my old IC-R75, I wasted no time and got cracking on it. Data was being logged, and I was happy. When presented with … Continue reading

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Tripview Bus Time Offset Visualization

So after the discoveries made in earlier posts, I decided to make a bit of an investigation into the data itself. I chose M50, towards UNSW as the candidate route for investigation. So I scripted wget for a 30-second poll … Continue reading

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Update on Tripview Live Bus Data

[Continuing on from my last post about Tripview bus data] So I woke up this morning and what did I find? Something had changed. Requesting data at URL’s encoded with http://realtime.grofsoft.com/tripview/delays?routes=SB_???_u always returned no tuples, even for a known active … Continue reading

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Tripview and Sydney Buses Realtime Data

Once I saw that Tripview had Sydney Buses real-time data – I thought this would be fun to play with! One of my friends, Nonie, was quite interested in how the data was disseminated and collected, and I thought it … Continue reading

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Point and Shoot Photosite Areas

Since my last post about DSLR photosite areas – I wondered just how it would compare if we threw point-and-shoots into the mix, and say cameraphones. Using the same methodology, I catalogued Canon’s Point-and-Shoot range. I didn’t bother with Nikon … Continue reading

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Photosite sizes on DSLR Sensors

So, as people who have been reading my Facebook posts would know – I recently became a Nikon convert – with a D3200 providing lots of megapixels for cheap. Of course, some of that is marketing gimmick, but when you … Continue reading

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