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Recovery: “Musical” SyQuest Cartridges with DoubleSpace Compression

I’ve long offered my “volunteer” data recovery services for those with 44/88/200Mb 5.25″ SyQuest disks, and it’s been a little while since my last SyQuest recovery post. Just when I thought that maybe nobody else would be interested in it, … Continue reading

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Video Compression: x264 CRF Generational Loss Testing

Having been involved in some way with video capture and editing from the late 90’s onwards, something we have always been taught is to avoid lossy formats for capture and editing due to the problem of generational loss. Put simply, … Continue reading

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Video Codec Tests: x264 CRF vs enc_qsv CQ vs x265 CRF in Handbrake 0.10.5

After my earlier attempt to do some codec comparisons, I realized that something went grossly wrong with the “difficult case” clip. Specifically, it was an interlaced video clip which I wanted to use, and I naturally assumed that interlaced encoding … Continue reading

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Video Compression Testing: x264 vs x265 CRF in Handbrake 0.10.5

Having played around with video since I had a few multimedia CD-ROMs and a BT878-based TV tuner card, video compression is one area that has amazed me. I watched as early “simple” compression efforts such as Cinepak and Indeo bought … Continue reading

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Tip: Upgrading your FLAC collection to FLAC 1.3.1

Music enthusiasts and audiophiles generally view lossy compression as evil. Depending on how it’s done, it can significantly alter the music itself, introducing imperfections and destroying subtle cues. In a world where storage and processing are getting increasingly cheap, the … Continue reading

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