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Salvage, Teardown: Extron DVI-RGB 150, iLuv USB Charger, Nvidia 9600GT (OEM)

Around here, the salvages don’t stop. Continuing on from my salvages from an undisclosed location, here are some more items that I had managed to rescue from certain destruction for a chance at a second life. Extron DVI-RGB 150 The … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Astone ISO DOC-130 2.5″ & 3.5″ SATA II to USB 3.0 Dock

When you have a pile of small bare hard drives to use, giving them all a SATA port to use or an individual enclosure is prohibitively expensive. Maybe you have a hard drive to quickly test, or an occasional back-up … Continue reading

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Review: Emtec Click 3.0 32Gb (ECMMD32GB103) USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The other day, when collecting a parcel from the post office, I came across a $10 or less “bargain bin” clearance. Within the bin, I managed to grab a Logitech K400r for $10, a Logitech m353 for $5 and this … Continue reading

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Teardown, Analysis: Unbranded Plastic Case HDMI 2-Port Splitter

A short while ago, I did an analysis of an unbranded metal cased HDMI splitter, to discover that it has been designed in such a way to be non-compliant with HDCP requirements. At the time, I had ordered another model, … Continue reading

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Teardown, Analysis: Unbranded Metal Case HDMI 2-Port Splitter

The introduction of HDMI into the home has been a rather problematic one. Unlike the analog forebears that came before it, DRM came baked into the interface in the form of HDCP, and demands on the quality of the cable … Continue reading

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Lycamobile Data: A Routing Issue or Malicious Blocking?

It hasn’t quite been a year since I joined the Lycamobile family in the quest for cheap data over the superior Telstra network. While initially their “slowness” took on an almost legendary status, they took some strides to improve their … Continue reading

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Repair, Teardown: Unbranded SF-95 Analog & Satlink WS-6903 Digital Satellite Finder

As a RF hobbyist, getting into satellites was quite a natural progression. First, it was amateur radio satellites, and then later progressing onto broadcast TV satellites. To the inexperienced, satellite TV seems rather complex, but it really isn’t provided you … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: P.Power (or Generic Unbranded) 12000mAh Power Bank

Back in January 2013 (which seems a long time ago), before I started all of this powerbank testing, as someone who was none-the-wiser, I bought one of my friends a pair of “generic” unbranded power banks. The cost was about … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Tenma SMD Rework Station Bundle

Have to say I’m on a bit of a roll when it comes to bargain chasing, because my shopping at element14 continues. One tool which I don’t have, and had always wanted, was a hot air rework station. I’m no … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Transcend SSD340 256Gb 2.5″ Solid-State Drive (TS256GSSD340)

Solid state drives are now a vital part of every computer I build and use. Most of my commonly used machines in my fleet have already been outfitted with SSDs, and it has paid dividends in terms of faster response … Continue reading

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RMA with Digital World International (DWI) – A Fruitless Endeavour

Some time in late March, my AudioTechnica ANC9 active noise-cancelling headphones decided to fail on me. Well within its 12-month warranty, purchased 15th October 2013 from DWI, I decided to return it to RMA after a while fumbling for the … Continue reading

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Review & Teardown: Intempo HD Action Camera

In recent years, the action camera market has been hotting up, primarily due to the breakthrough success of the GoPro line. Other established names, as well as less familiar names, have tried to challenge the GoPro for success, but none … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Kingmax SME35 Xvalue 240Gb SSD

An SSD is one of the best upgrades you can make today – a machine booting and working with files from a traditional hard drive with spinning platters often sits waiting as the drive seeks away. By using flash memory, … Continue reading

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Review: Nickel-Zinc (Ni-Zn) Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

The Ni-MH rechargeable battery is the most common AA/AAA rechargeable battery chemistry. It took over as the superior technology both environmentally and technically compared to Ni-Cd. These cells provide a nominal 1.2v, but have improved over time to offer larger … Continue reading

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Teardown, Recordings: 1 by One Wireless Door Chime R/X QH-0031 (Quhwa QH-09D)

This post will probably make me seem like a crazy nutter, but oh well. I cannot deny the fact that I can do some very strange things from time to time. I needed a wireless doorbell to alert me to … Continue reading

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Review/Teardown: Unbranded Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (BK3001BA)

It’s pretty clear that tablet devices are a bit difficult when it comes to productivity. Trying to do anything that involves quite a bit of typing or data entry becomes a chore – I couldn’t imagine writing an entire blog … Continue reading

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RTL2832 (ISDB Mini) ADS-B Reception Field Test

After I realized that the RTL2832 TV dongles were capable of receiving and decoding ADS-B transmissions from aircraft using ADSB#, I really couldn’t resist testing it out further. It was a simple one-click (well, almost) procedure, unlike the early incarnations … Continue reading

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Cheap Data: Kogan Mobile and Telstra Modems

Kogan Mobile is one of the hottest new-entrants into the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market. There are many MVNOs on the Australian market, including Virgin, Amaysim, Boost, Crazy Johns, Dodo, TPG, Pennytel, Live Connected, Red Bull Mobile, Lebara, Lycamobile, … Continue reading

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