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Project: Scanning Sydney’s DAB+ & FM Broadcasts

While on holiday in Hong Kong, I did some scanning of broadcast services over there and SydneyCityTV tipped me off that there were indeed slideshow services on DAB+ here in Sydney as well. It’s funny how we “get used to” … Continue reading

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Melbourne Cup Day: A Grid Frequency Analysis

Another year, and another “race that stops the nation.” While I’m not of the betting sort, and I didn’t really get into it as such, it’s almost a tradition that no matter where you are, at 3pm on the first … Continue reading

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Testing: Charger Doctor and USB Detector Accuracy

Ever since I got my Charger Doctors/USB detector, I have been fascinated with how they have been able to provide such a useful tool for a low price. After taking each of them apart and analyzing their circuitry and connections, … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering: The KW203 USB Detector

Since I decided to take apart the other USB Charger Doctor unit to determine how it worked, my curiosity could only be satisfied if I took apart this unit as well. Out of the two units, this was the pricier, … Continue reading

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Reverse Engineering: The USB Charger Doctor

In my last post, I had a good look at the features of two different USB charger doctors, and went through a quick teardown. It was fascinating, especially for the blue unit, that they could make and supply such a … Continue reading

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32Gb microSDHC Shootout: Sandisk Extreme, Toshiba Exceria HD, Kingmax Pro

This is the final part of my little crazy venture into testing 32Gb microSDHC cards. All seven cards that I ordered have finally arrived, and in this post, we will see how the Sandisk Extreme, Toshiba Exceria HD and Kingmax … Continue reading

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K22/Decabit Signalling Schedule Analysis

Earlier, I discovered the annoyance of mains ripple based signalling and developed a means of decoding and logging the transmissions. While I performed some preliminary analysis, further collection was underway. After collecting a little more than a week’s worth of … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: MP3 Encoding Through the Years

It may be hard to believe, but the MPEG-1/MPEG-2 Layer III standard (commonly known as MP3) is now 19 years old (from public release date, or 21 years old from the first standards release). In technology terms, this is an … Continue reading

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Project: Analyze Mains Power Flicker Issue & Ripple Signalling

Over the past few weeks, we had experienced a few power outages and it came to my attention that the CFL in my room might be about to go. It had a characteristic “brightness” variation which seemed to pulsate from … Continue reading

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Project: Analyze Infrared Remote Signals with PiFace Control and Display

As part of being selected for the element14 RoadTest of the XBMC kit, I was also provided a PiFace Control and Display for some reviewing. As you can appreciate, it’s been very much busy on my end, and my inability … Continue reading

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Analysis: Australian Hearing’s Telscreen 1800 826 500

Australian Hearing’s Telscreen is the “world’s most advanced over the phone hearing test”. It is operated on the Australian Free-call number 1800 826 500 and is not available to mobile phones. This service offers users the ability to check their … Continue reading

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Reverse-Engineering & Emulating the Kogan Active-Shutter 3D TV IR Protocol

In an earlier post, I looked at the provided active-shutter 3D glasses from Kogan and aftermarket compatible glasses which can be used with their TVs. A key sticking point of that article was that different TVs often use different synchronization … Continue reading

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RTL-SDR: A tool for Visualizing Broadcast Satellite Signals

For people who chase broadcast satellite signals, we know that the vast majority of them are DVB-S/DVB-S2 signals, which can easily be scoped out with any CrazyScan capable tuner, such as the TBS6925. Even a regular blind-scan card gives you … Continue reading

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Analysis: Foxtel Satellite DVB-S/DVB-S2 Services

Some readers may be familiar with my recent look at freeview, but for those who aren’t, I was basically interested in finding out how much data is in the air for digital TV, and how much data is dedicated for … Continue reading

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Analysis: DVB-T Freeview in Sydney, NSW, Australia

It’s probably been clear from my “new year’s” piece that I’m not too much a fan of the free-to-air TV in Sydney (or Australia) at the moment. Ultimately, it delivers quantity but not quality. As I noticed the recent “launching” … Continue reading

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