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Project: ADSB-pi Mark 2 with dump1090, hostapd, dnsmasq & text logging

This is one of the things that I’ve done a long while ago, but never had the time or inclination to actually put together a post. You might remember the first iteration of the ADSB-pi back in 2013, which was … Continue reading

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Random Post: Ankle, Aldi Mobile “Unlimited”, Xmas Post, Device Updates, Pennytel, etc.

Hello guys! I’m back, but unfortunately, my body isn’t. I’ve spent a bit of time, in bits, collecting some thoughts which I should have posted about but haven’t had the motivation or time. Hopefully that keeps my readers a little … Continue reading

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Increasing ADS-B Reach with dump1090

I think it’s fairly clear from my last project of ADSBpi, my main interest is to improve the reach of my ADS-B reception and plotting. Unfortunately, most of my monitoring areas are compromises due to building construction, shadowing and sub-optimal … Continue reading

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ADSB# Range Testing with the RTL2832U+R820T Tuner

I’ve covered ADSB# in one of my earlier articles, even going so far as to take my E4000 dongle to the airport for a spin. But as we now know, Elonics (the guys behind the E4000 front end) have gone … Continue reading

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