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Opinion: Finding a Decent EU to AU (Reverse) Travel Adapter

In the global marketplace that is the world of internet shopping, being able to buy things overseas has become a lot easier. Rather than having to take a holiday to another country and carry the items back, someone online is … Continue reading

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Tested: Generic “Sintechi” FC1307A-based SD to IDE Adapter (SD35VC0)

If you’re the type to have a few older “semi-retro” computers lying about, you’ve probably got a few old interfaces that are becoming difficult to use. For floppy drives, there are USB-floppy emulators, for PCI you can potentially fit a … Continue reading

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Satellite Signal Analysis: What if you have no loop-out port?

A number of people had expressed interest in the past in examining satellite signals from broadcast satellites using SDRs. While my normal advice is to use a regular satellite card to power the LNB and do the DiSEqC selection duties … Continue reading

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Teardown: Moxa NPort 5110 Serial Device Server

As someone with a lot of serial devices, and various retro-inspired experiments, problems with serial co-existence are everyday life. Things like certain USB to serial adapters which don’t put out proper RS-232 levels and only put out TTL, or drivers … Continue reading

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Teardown: Sienoc Active Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

For those who don’t upgrade their displays very often, slowly, they can find that their displays fall behind in terms of connectivity options. More modern graphic cards offer an array of multi-monitor output options, but mostly using DisplayPort (DP) or … Continue reading

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DIY: Adapting Out of Tricky Light-Bulb Situations

Being the resident electronically minded person in the house, I normally take charge of all the lighting in the house as well. Unfortunately, in the house we’re living in at the moment, some really oddball builder has decided to use … Continue reading

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Tested: Two Secure Digital (SD/SDHC) to CompactFlash (CF) Adapters

It seems that the modern trend towards smaller and faster has led to the CompactFlash card being relegated for use in industrial and professional high-end photography only, where its larger size is not a problem. Most consumer electronics have since … Continue reading

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