RoadTest Review: Harting MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit

I’ve kept myself quite busy every weekend – be it roaming about visiting Vivid Sydney, the new Sydney Metro North-West or tackling my triple-concurrent RoadTest review load. This week, I’m proud to announce delivery of my second review – that of the Harting MICA CISS Complete IIoT Starter Kit.

The Harting MICA is a compact Industrial Computer with an open-source containerised Linux architecture with no ongoing licensing costs, hardened electronics with a completely passive fanless design, high EMC tolerance, industrial-grade connector and reliable IP67-rated enclosure. The winner of a Hermes award in 2016, it is quite an impressive unit.

While it may have an impressive appearance, it is not just about looks.

Equipped with Harting Push-Pull IP67 rated connectors, the system is well and truly ready for industrial environments, with an operational temperature range spanning -25 to 75 degrees Celsius. Consuming just around 3 watts, it’s also quite efficient.

Paired with the Bosch Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS), it is designed to be an “all-in-one” kit to get you on the road to condition monitoring.


Find out more about the
Harting MICA CISS Complete IIoT Kit
in my summary review at element14.

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or download the PDF backup copy here [16MiB].

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