RoadTest: IDT SDAWIR03 Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity & Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit

It’s been relatively quiet recently on the blog as I’ve been absolutely inundated with things to do, both from work and my own hobby interests. Recently, I was fortunate enough to be awarded a rare opportunity to run three parallel RoadTest reviews, which has kept be quite busy, along with the usual family “crisis” interruptions.

The first of these three reviews concerns the IDT SDAWIR03 Wireless Flow Rate, Humidity & Temperature Sensing Evaluation Kit. This kit features the IDT ZWIR4512 6LoWPAN “sub-GHz” radio modules, HS3001 Humidity and Temperature sensor and FS2012 Gas Flow Sensor.

The system consists of a hub based upon a Raspberry Pi Zero-W and bespoke sensor cube that can even run off two CR2032 cells (using the humidity and temperature sensor alone). The device can locally show the measured values and upload them to an Amazon Web Services cloud instance (although I did not try this).

In my RoadTest review delivered just this morning, I delve into the state of IoT connectivity, examine the IDT SDAWIR03 kit including its internals and show the full set-up user experience. I test it in real-life conditions and put it under the spectrum analyser and oscilloscope to learn more about its radio emissions, power consumption, I2C bus transactions.

You can read the summary review at element14.

No spoilers to be found here, perhaps except for this one – if you live in Australia, this kit is probably not for you as it operates outside the 900MHz ISM band allocation of 915-928MHz by default and cannot be easily changed.

For more details, as usual, see the individual detailed review blogs:

[or download the zipped PDF backup of the reviews – 14.3MiB]

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