RoadTest Review: Eaton SmartWire-DT System

Thanks to element14’s New Year’s Grab Bag RoadTest, I was the lucky recipient of a RoadTest kit that had been sitting around for six years. The kit from Eaton is for evaluation of their SmartWire-DT control panel wiring system which utilises a bus based upon RS-422.

For someone who hasn’t worked with PLCs in a practical sense, it was an introduction to ladder logic as well. Needless to say, it didn’t take too long for me to wrap my head around it all.

With all the bits and pieces, I managed to build a simple demonstration of an industrial start-stop and a lamp torture device. I also made a video of it too.

While it may be a little out of date and it seems that industry hasn’t really grown to embrace SmartWire-DT in any great way, it was still a worthwhile educational experience for me.

For the full review including all the glorious details, head over to my RoadTest at element14
and extras blog posting.

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