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Radiofax: The Quest for ZSJ Cape Naval, South Africa (+ Updates)

Through my long journey to catalogue the remaining active radiofax stations, there has been a few rather elusive stations. Part of this category is ZSJ in Cape Naval, South Africa which I’ve never been able to hear and was doubtful … Continue reading

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Can’t Copy that Floppy? KryoFlux Can! feat. Unistat V4.53

It’s not often that we see floppy disks around nowadays, but this week proved to be an exception with a donation of a paper envelope of disks, but not just any disks. The Troublemaker: Unistat V4.53 In this case, it … Continue reading

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Opinion: Finding a Decent EU to AU (Reverse) Travel Adapter

In the global marketplace that is the world of internet shopping, being able to buy things overseas has become a lot easier. Rather than having to take a holiday to another country and carry the items back, someone online is … Continue reading

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Failed, Teardown: Cowin E7 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

It looks like I haven’t been entirely fortunate with Cowin products. After the HE5A failed, I reverted to using the E7 Pro for my day-to-day commuting needs. Just this week, the E7 Pro failed as well, which doesn’t do much … Continue reading

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