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Radiofax: NMF Boston, Massachusetts (National Weather Service/NOAA, USA)

Another radiofax posting to round out my Sunday and what a surprise – it’s another NWS/NOAA family station. NMF broadcasts from Boston, Massachusetts in the USA operating on three of four frequencies at any time. Like other NWS/NOAA network stations, … Continue reading

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Radiofax: NOJ Kodiak, Alaska (National Weather Service/NOAA, USA)

Continuing on the list of active stations I have yet to make a post about, the NOJ station in Kodiak, Alaska operated by National Weather Service/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States of America has been a difficult … Continue reading

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Tested: Generic “Sintechi” FC1307A-based SD to IDE Adapter (SD35VC0)

If you’re the type to have a few older “semi-retro” computers lying about, you’ve probably got a few old interfaces that are becoming difficult to use. For floppy drives, there are USB-floppy emulators, for PCI you can potentially fit a … Continue reading

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