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Radiofax News: BMF Confirmed Offline, VMC/VMW Transmission Fault & Radiofax Status

It’s been a very radiofax-centric long weekend – rest assured, I did do other things, I just didn’t get around to posting about it. But even though I haven’t finished surveying all the active stations and I haven’t yet put … Continue reading

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Radiofax: KVM70 Honolulu, Hawaii (National Weather Service/NOAA, USA)

When people talk about Hawaii, the first thing they think of is probably a beach-side holiday. But for me, I think of the US time station WWVH and the KVM70 radiofax transmissions. Strange, I know … I must get that … Continue reading

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Radiofax: GYA (Northwood, United Kingdom)

The Australia Day long weekend has been a good excuse to get back to blogging about various “random” things with radiofax being the topic of choice this weekend. I had fond memories of an unexpected DX surprise one night in … Continue reading

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Quick Tip: Use kiwirecorder.py to Automate Recordings & Evade Inactivity Time-Outs

If you’re like me and only recently discovered the beauty of KiwiSDR, you might have encountered a few niggles with monitoring transmissions over longer periods in the form of time-outs. One of the more annoying time-outs is the inactivity time-out … Continue reading

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Quick Teardown, Pairing: J.Burrows Wireless 2.4Ghz USB Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Earlier today, my Dad requested some assistance with his J.Burrows Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo that was purchased from Officeworks. It was a rather low-cost set, not one I would have chosen myself, but after the batteries in the keyboard … Continue reading

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