RoadTest Review: Molex 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Antenna Kit

It’s been another busy weekend getting a few things done – one of which was this review of Molex 2.4Ghz/5Ghz antennas offered through the element14 RoadTest program. While antennas are probably not the most interesting devices to be testing, they’re critically important in modern wireless-centric designs.

As it was something a bit more specialised that needed specific test equipment to be able to evaluate, there wasn’t that much interest from the community. As a previous recipient of a Tektronix RSA306, I felt it to be my duty to see if I could make head from tails in an “ad-hoc” way using the limited facilities I had.

While I can’t claim to have succeeded, if you want to find out more, read the … full RoadTest review over at element14.

Backup PDF copy: 5GHz Antenna Kit – Review

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2 Responses to RoadTest Review: Molex 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Antenna Kit

  1. cloudy says:

    Dear “Doc”

    It is appreciated that a lot of Effort went into your “Reviews”, but perhaps for those whose Laziness surpasses their Surfing-Prowess, it might help to point-to where your bits came from – other than “China”. Apologies if your-purchasing-pointers were missed.

    It is benevolent to be conscious and be aware that The ONLY Energy Creator/”Constructor” not only exists but that whenever there is A Constructor, Effort is NOT The-Point but Effortlessness is [The Point]. Keep up the good work.

    • lui_gough says:

      The products from Molex were provided by element14 under the RoadTest program. They were not from China. The N to RP-SMA and N to SMA adapters were from China, without branding from a seller on eBay that has long since evaporated. The RP-SMA to SMA adapter was an Amphenol RF product from element14 Australia (purchased with my own funds).

      In many cases, I use the phraseology “from China” to mean exactly that. In many cases, it refers to an item which is unbranded, of questionable quality, whose make and manufacturer could not be positively identified. It is often purchased from an eBay seller who doesn’t exist anymore. I see no reason to be more specific as even identifying a seller could be unfair as this is seen as endorsement of the seller, could result in sales of products which do not match the description (due to drop shipping and upstream supplier changes) and this has the side effect of raising the price for listing due to increased demand while also potentially turning off others from wanting to potentially submit items for review seeing that competing sellers are getting “free links” on my site.

      It may be a slight inconvenience to do some research – but the truth is that what I post is not for people to “blindly” act upon, and some of the things I mention are long unobtainable as they would have been discontinued and superseded by newer (but not necessarily better) products.

      – Gough

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