RoadTest Review: B&K Precision BA6010 Battery Analyser

If you’ve been wondering why it’s been quiet around here for a while – it’s because I’ve been unusually busy. One of the things I’ve been working on is a review of the B&K Precision BA6010 Battery Analyser I received from element14 for a RoadTest review.

This particular device can be thought of as a specialised type of LCR meter that has its output terminals configured for kelvin operation for optimising small-resistance measurement, in an isolated manner so that it can measure in the presence of DC voltages, with a fixed 1khz operation frequency and a limited resistance range up to 3.5kΩ; all mashed together with a voltmeter as well.

To find out what I think about it, head on over to element14 to read the RoadTest Review summary, or read each of the chapters in detail:

[PDF Backup of Review as ZIP Archive 9.84MiB]

Unfortunately, I think it will be a little quiet around here for the foreseeable future – I’ve actually got a few more RoadTests lined up, along with a mountain of actual work to do. But that’s life, right?

EDIT: Note the publication of an Addendum for updates to the review.

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