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Challenge: Send a Fax Without a Landline or Fixed-Line Internet

A week ago, a friend approached me about sending off a fax. Despite the march of technology, this particular form had to either be mailed back (taking a few days and costing a decent amount of money) or faxed. My … Continue reading

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Analysis: Mains Power Quality – Voltage, Frequency & Crest Factor (10-19 May 2018)

A little more than two weeks ago, I was sitting at home in front of my computer going about my business as usual, when suddenly … the lights flicker, everything around me made an intermittent 50Hz buzz like morse code … Continue reading

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Satellite Signal Analysis: What if you have no loop-out port?

A number of people had expressed interest in the past in examining satellite signals from broadcast satellites using SDRs. While my normal advice is to use a regular satellite card to power the LNB and do the DiSEqC selection duties … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: TBS 5220SE Universal TV Tuner USB Box

Recently, I embarked on an adventure to scan the C-band satellites in the sky. Unfortunately for me, my TBS 6925 tuners are both rather unwell and my Prof Revolution S2 8000’s are not doing much better by showing similar “bursts” … Continue reading

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