Vivid Sydney 2017: Part 3 – Barangaroo Sth, Kings Cross & Martin Pl

Vivid Sydney is a festival of “Light, Music & Ideas” which is run on an annual basis in Sydney. I do my best every year to visit, and this year was no exception.

What follows are the shots I took from the various precincts in operation this year. I didn’t try to visit every attraction or to photograph everything – after all, as with most pieces of art, some works resonate better with the audience than others. Some were also difficult to convey in the medium of photography, due to the rise of interactive exhibits, while others draw long queues which I couldn’t be bothered contending with. Other exhibits were named on the map, but when I arrived, they seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. Maybe I just didn’t see it – or more likely, some exhibits are really non-exhibits.

Where possible, I have attached the name of the exhibit to the posting – apologies in advance for any mix-ups. Due to the number of photos, this years’ posting will be made in three parts, separated by precinct. This is the final part, focusing on Barangaroo South, Kings Cross and Martin Place.

Barangaroo South

This is a new precinct for this year, and the facilities around the area are still being constructed. However, that being said, it was only a short walk from Darling Harbour and worth the visit.

Migration lights up the shoreline walkway with spinning patterned lights and stingray-figures hovering in the air. The deep blue looks quite amazing.

A Day in the Light is a bit of a mixed exhibit. First you enter the area bathed in mostly blue light and fog.

Then you emerge into an area of projected sharp colourful patterns. People did like the latter part as it provides an interesting backdrop for a selfie.

I had no idea what You-niverse was about, but I spotted this on my way out to Wynyard Station.

Kings Cross

Kings Cross is another new precinct, although distinctly un-Vivid-like with no assistance or crowd control. It’s more an annexe, but anyway, I decided to go. Sadly, most of the attractions were non-attractions with the exception of the Coca-Cola Billboard. As a result, the remainder of this section will be a big ad for Coke.

Martin Place

Finally, back to a more familiar place – Martin Place to be precise. It was my final stop in touring Vivid Sydney. Heading downhill, the first exhibit seems to be Twelve Tone. This is a rather comfortable exhibit, as many people were sitting on it. The use of the wood stacked up, with LED strip inside diffused by some fabric seemed interesting, especially up-close.

The main attraction was, of course, Urban Tree 2.0, which had been here in the past and a relative hit.

This year, there’s quite a few cute poses that the frog does, which adds to its appeal.

Also near Lux Populi was this canopy, which I thought quite well used for effect.

Although not part of the Vivid Sydney program, Tesla’s showroom crashed the party too. Lots stopped just for a peek – myself included.

The last exhibit I photographed was a combination of re/FRACTION and The Waratah 1/2 as they so nicely lined up. Sadly, re/FRACTION seemed to have quite a bit of random noise in the image and one line of LEDs was malfunctioning.


Well that’s it for my photos of Vivid Sydney 2017. I don’t have any more time to visit, but there is a (paid) precinct at Taronga Zoo, as before, as well as some rather scattered installations in Westfield Sydney (I believe) and one in the carpark of Sydney Airport.

Even though the number of exhibits seems to have reduced in comparison with previous years, it’s still a worthwhile visit for some night photos or just to enjoy the show.

Vivid Sydney is still running every night from 6pm to 11pm until the 17th June, so if you’re in Sydney and the weather permits, maybe it’s worth seeing it for yourself. See you there next year!

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