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Project: AT89S52-based Multi-Coloured LED Heart Kit

As my radio kit-building adventures have reached the “bottom” of the eBay well, with most of the kits available being built, I decided to branch out into other “low cost” kits to see what they are like. Most of the … Continue reading

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Telstra FaxStream TestFax Professional (aka FOLDS-B) Test

A while back, I did a number of experiments involving VoIP and faxing, which made use of Telstra’s FOLDS test. Because of a number of intricacies, voice-band data and VoIP generally do not (reliably) work together unless configured very carefully … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: “Generic” BT-168 Battery Tester

A short while back, I posted about this generic battery tester, which was a cheap and nasty clone of a model which was quite popular, which I used frequently as a child. In my quest to buy it, I came … Continue reading

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Power Bank Endurance Test – Hillo Power Jin Gangxia (Part 18)

This is one of my ongoing experiments to see how a rather no name power bank ages with charge/discharge cycles, and it’s been quite surprising all the way. This is the 18th installment, meaning that we have reached a total … Continue reading

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