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Project, Reverse Eng, Repair: ATmega328-based “Transistor Tester” Kit

A common complaint and reason for the falling popularity of electronic kits is that none of them really let you build something that’s really useful that you couldn’t buy pre-built at a lower cost. I believe this complaint does have … Continue reading

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Experiment: WD Green Data Recovery – Recovered Data vs Time?

Two weeks ago, a “friend” of mine turned up with an external hard drive which was declared dead and wanted to see what could be done about recovering the data from it. Naturally, as no novice when it comes to … Continue reading

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Project: YYDZW BH1417F-based Stereo FM Transmitter Kit

While I was browsing the listings of electronics kits on eBay, I came across this particular stereo FM transmitter kit but I didn’t think much of it. In fact, given the chance to buy it, I passed over it twice. … Continue reading

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