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Project: CD2003GP+SC3610D FM Receiver w/LCD Alarm Clock (74-108Mhz)

My little “mission” to build random Chinese radio-kits from eBay continues with this rather odd and difficult kit. Unlike the other kits, this is the first to come with an LCD display, but is advertised strangely as FM Radio Kit … Continue reading

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Power Bank Endurance Test – Hillo Power Jin Gangxia (Part 17)

In this long ongoing experiment, I attempt to see just how a “no name” power bank stands up to repeated cycling. My expectations were fairly low at the outset, but it seems I’ve been proved completely wrong, as now I’m … Continue reading

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Review: Seagate Expansion Portable Drive 3Tb USB 3.0 (STEA3000400)

I thought my external drive buying spree was over, but this week, I came across a promotion where a Seagate Expansion Portable 3Tb drive was on offer for AU$139 at Officeworks. At that price, it represented the best value amongst … Continue reading

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