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Project: Awakening the Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100

In the previous post, I took a look at the nearly pristine condition Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100 and accessories which were donated to me for some edu-tainment. While it was pretty to be able to look at a piece of … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100 & Accessories

As it turns out, this week was a pretty good week for me. It’s not often something comes in, begging to be played with. It’s even less often that the object in question makes you drop almost everything so that … Continue reading

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Power Bank Endurance Test – Hillo Power Jin Gangxia (Part 16)

As far as experiments go, this is probably the longest and least exciting experiments of them all. It started years ago when I wanted to see just how long some randomly branded Chinese lithium-polymer cell based power bank would last, … Continue reading

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Experiment: Time to EPROM Erasure by UV Lamp & Sun?

I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of EPROM chips with their erasure windows giving you a clear look inside the package. Because of my fascination, I ended up buying quite a few chips, an UV eraser that needed some … Continue reading

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Salvage: HP Compaq LA2206x Monitor PSU, Scaler & USB Ports

It looks like today is going to be a blog-heavy day – I’ve got quite a few things to “get off my chest”, so forgive me if posts start crossing over one-another in the future. Time and motivation for these … Continue reading

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