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DIY: Build a 70cm Band Yagi for Amateur Satellite Tracking

It’s been a long time since I’ve chased any amateur satellites. It’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to chase them, and sadly, things have changed. In the seven years or so, satellites I once “knew” as … Continue reading

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Getting Started: Nuand BladeRFx40, XB-200 Transverter, Case & SDRSharp

This is one of those posts that I should have compiled and put up a long time ago, but never really got around to. Right now, I probably shouldn’t be blogging (since there are more pressing things to attend to), … Continue reading

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Power Bank Endurance Test – Hillo Power Jin Gangxia (Part 15)

Welcome to the fifteenth installment of this relatively unexciting experiment to see how long a modestly sized “unknown-name” Chinese Li-Poly power bank would last under continual cycling. Those who have been following along will know just what this means – … Continue reading

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