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Shootout: Four 433.92Mhz ASK/OOK Transmitter Modules Compared

The Arduino had a big hand in making people play with electronics and create their own little devices to solve their problems. A desire for low-cost wireless connectivity has led to many people purchasing low-cost 433.92Mhz ASK/OOK modules to create … Continue reading

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Failed: Counterfeit Linksys/Cisco PAP2T Power Adapter (MS-050200)

If I had three words to say, it would probably be just my luck. On 20th February this year, the Linksys PAP2T ATA that provides VoIP phone service to the house went down because of a power supply failure. Knowing … Continue reading

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Project: Examining VGA BIOS from Old Graphic Cards

I suppose they say, once you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Indeed they are right, because now I have a ROM programmer, I couldn’t stop pulling teeth chips just to dump them. Aside from motherboard BIOS chips, … Continue reading

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