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Salvage: Audio Telex Communications ATC 5400 & Australian Monitor ATC5101-3 PA Speaker

When you see one of these grilled on the ceiling, your first thought may be “Hey, that’s a fire alarm evacuation speaker!” Indeed, you would be right. In the past few weeks, Wormald Fire Systems have been upgrading the fire … Continue reading

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Quick Review, Teardown: Uniden DECT 1015 Cordless Phone

Since I’ve been playing around recently with running my own Asterisk server at home and having many ATAs to create internal extensions to create virtual POTS lines to play with modems and other telephony devices, I desperately needed some nice … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Philips LuxSpace G3 ANZ (DN498) LED Downlight

Following on from the same vein of LED retrofit solutions as my last posting, those with suspension ceilings or existing recessed lighting will also have a desire to retrofit older PAR globes, halogen downlights and CFL based “can” style downlights … Continue reading

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