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Teardown, Review: Grandstream HT702 VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter

Seeing as I’ve been playing with my internal PBX and modems, and I recently just had an ATA power supply fail on me, I thought it would be a good time to order a few ATAs before they disappear entirely. … Continue reading

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Failed: Linksys/Cisco PAP2T Power Adapter (AD 5V/2F PSM11R-050)

Rather interestingly, and rather suddenly, I came home to find one of my PAP2T ATA’s that served the home phone line to be offline. A closer inspection showed no LEDs were lit, and a quick exchange of power adapters proved … Continue reading

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Telstra’s “We’re sorry” day Experiment: 4G LTE Speed vs Time of Day

Rather embarrassingly, on February 9th, Telstra suffered a significant mobile outage across the country owing to human error in handling a hardware failure in a set of redundant mobile nodes, resulting in the shut down of too many nodes and … Continue reading

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