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Review, Teardown: Xiaomi (Mi) Headphones (ZBW4189CN)

Xiaomi has impressed me time and again by bringing a variety of quality products in both functionality and design at prices which are extremely affordable. Ever since they introduced their first audiophile grade over-the-ears headphones, dubbed the Mi Headphones, I … Continue reading

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Review: Generic 4-port USB 3.0 to PCI-E Adapter (STAR-UPCIE201-V1.0, TB01200)

If you’re still running an age-old dinosaur system like me (well, make that around six years old), then you’re probably feeling the pinch from not having quite enough USB 3.0 ports. Maybe you have none at all. I’m lucky that … Continue reading

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Envirobank Container Recycling: A few bugs in the system?

Environmentally speaking, the concept of recycling makes sense. By recycling, we can save energy and re-use existing resources to create new products from old. The problem often is to do with how such items can be efficiently collected. In some … Continue reading

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Power Outage 30th Jan 2016: Severe weather batters Sydney

The words global warming and climate change are often said too quickly when it comes to the short term phenomena known as weather. The past fortnight, however, has been one of extremes in Sydney. Many days start off nice and … Continue reading

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