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Q&A: How Fast are 2X Floppy Drives in Reality?

This post comes about because of a question from Matson on a very early post of mine about USB Floppy Drives. He wants to know how fast 2x drives are in reality, as there are no hard numbers floating about. … Continue reading

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Q&A: Why Reformatting a USB Key can Change its Size & Performance

Just recently after I had posted my review of the Sandisk Cruzer Facet USB key, a regular reader sent me an e-mail which noted in a concerning tone that reformatting the device causes it to lose about 12-13Mb of storage, … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Gold Apollo AL-924-T Synthesized POCSAG Pagers

Just recently, I posted about my Motorola Advisor pagers, which got me interested in acquiring a more modern style of pager – namely one with a frequency synthesizer so that I don’t have to worry about ordering custom cut crystals … Continue reading

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Teardown: Sienoc Active Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

For those who don’t upgrade their displays very often, slowly, they can find that their displays fall behind in terms of connectivity options. More modern graphic cards offer an array of multi-monitor output options, but mostly using DisplayPort (DP) or … Continue reading

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