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Review, Teardown: Unbranded “Generic” vs WiNRADiO WR-LWA-0130 Longwire Adapters

Anyone who wants to listen to shortwave radio, or monitor high frequency transmissions, would have met the dilemma of trying to get a decently performing antenna. As it stands, most smaller radios with inbuilt telescopic antennas rarely reach more than … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Raspberry Pi Model A+ & Official Raspberry Pi Case

A while back, I wrote a post for element14, and they offered to send me some goodies in return. At long last, they have arrived, so lets take a quick look at them. Raspberry Pi Model A+ When it comes … Continue reading

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QSL Cards: HFCC-ASBU B15 Conference (Radio Vaticana & KTWR)

Twice every year, the High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC) is held to decide on frequency allocations for HF frequency users (i.e. shortwave broadcasters, utility stations, etc) for half of the year (i.e. schedule A or B, sometimes referred to as … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Samsung 850 Pro 1TB (MZ-7KE1T0) Solid State Drive

One night, staying up late after doing some work, I caught the fact that eBay was having a 15% off “everything” sale. A few minutes later, a bright idea popped in my head, and almost equally as quickly, over AU$500 … Continue reading

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Teardown: Philips Tornado 24W Spiral ES CFL

I’m technically on hiatus, and I am piled up with work, but some days I just find it hard to go without doing something to break the monotony, so I’m back with a few seemingly random posts. We kick off … Continue reading

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