DIY: Vertical Blind Hanger Repair

Rats! Don’t you just hate it when the hangers that hold your vertical blind strips suddenly fail, leaving you with a gaping hole in your blinds?! I certainly do.


The plastic that the hangers are made of don’t seem particularly resistant to long term sun exposure (ironic, right?). They fail with near regularity, but ordering new bits always takes time and costs money and I want a solution now!


Maybe if I had a 3D printer, I could print one out. But I don’t, and it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

One of the most important tools in any engineer’s toolbox is that of improvisation. What we need is something that’s stiff enough to hold its shape and the weight of the blind, thin enough to fit through the hanging section of the blind mechanism itself, and has some stiffness to impart torsion onto the “strip” of blind. It’s also got to be here, now, easily manufactured with a minimal set of tools and not cost very much.

A while ago, I discovered a common (but less so nowadays) household item that had all of the above properties. The humble paperclip!


Combining the paperclip and a set of tweezers, we want to undo two of the bends in the clip, so you have something that looks like this. Instead of cutting off the excess, we will leave the last loop in place, as it serves the function of being a stiffener in making sure the torsion transfers to the strip of blind.


Now we need to form the loop, with the pliers. You don’t need to be very precise, indeed, I could have done a better job, but this is perfectly satisfactory to regain your privacy.


Finally, re-fit the blind back into place, clip it into the bottom chain (if it still exists, and hasn’t also crumbled to dust) and all is well.


It might have a subtly different height, and because of its non-flat cross section, might not control the rotation of the blind quite as precisely as its original parts, it is very much a close enough fit. No need to panic, no need to buy anything. It’s days like these I like being an engineer.

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