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Teardown, Analysis: Unbranded Metal Case HDMI 2-Port Splitter

The introduction of HDMI into the home has been a rather problematic one. Unlike the analog forebears that came before it, DRM came baked into the interface in the form of HDCP, and demands on the quality of the cable … Continue reading

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Oh No! Another Opal Card, but Opal Activation is Broken!

The Concession Opal card saga continues. In the last chapter, my card was blocked from use and a new card was to be dispatched to me, by express post. This card would have to be activated and the credit from … Continue reading

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Experiment: SSH Honeypot – Week 2

Seeing as I went through a decent effort to prepare the SSH honeypot for last week’s posting, I didn’t quite want to end it just there. As we know, the internet security landscape is dynamic, and threats will continue to … Continue reading

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